Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp Training

Sometimes, the behavioural issues of your dog cannot be addressed through training and they instead need a rehabilitation program to re-shape their behaviours. For example, if your dog is aggressive around other dogs, this cannot simply be addressed by training and I first need to identify why your dog is aggressive. As opposed to what you may think, aggression is never the problem and is simply a by-product of a deeper behavioural issue. Your dog may simply be afraid of other dogs and aggression is the reaction of the brain to protect themselves. It is just not fair to label the dog as aggressive.

The boot camp training will not only give me an insight into who your dog is, but will also help me to better communicate with your dog in a more intuitive and instinctual way. 

All dogs will begin their day with a group walk and will end their day with another group walk. I establish my relationship with your dog through these walks. The walk has a lot of meaning to dogs and they learn significantly from each other through these walks. There is no better way for dogs to socialise than to walk with other dogs.

The remainder of the day is spent working on the basics: sit, stay, recall, door manner and leash walking. Once I have established these basics, the main job starts and that is working on the specifics of behaviour issues. The behaviour issues may include fear, anxiety, aggression, insecurity or lack of social skills.

The duration of the boot camp depends on the behavioural issue and the energy level of your dog. Sometimes, what they really need is more time and patience.

The boot camp training also includes food, boarding, equipment and my lifetime support.


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