Dog Adoption

Why do I actively advocate adoption?

The Stray Dog Survey reveals that in total, over 100,000 dogs were abandoned before being handled by local authorities between 2014 – 2015. Over 5,000 of these dogs were put to sleep during the same period and that is sadly one dog every two hours. Yes, one dog every two hours. Shocking!

Most rescue centres can only keep a dog for a certain period of time and if they are not adopted, centres have no choice but to put them to sleep due to space and costs involved. Therefore, for every dog that you buy, at least one dog gets euthanised. So before you buy a pup, please think twice and if you are a dog lover, give one a home instead of buying.

Moreover, when you buy a pup you are simply encouraging breeding. Pet overpopulation is a major issue globally and millions of dogs get euthanised each year just because no one can give them a home.

Although I encourage you to adopt a dog, I would like you to be mindful that most shelter dogs may come with baggage. Don’t forget, they don’t end up there accidentally. They are often abandoned, and abused, so it’s understandable why they may exhibit anti-social behaviour. However, that is not always the case and there are plenty of dogs who are in shelters waiting for a home who have not developed any behaviour issues, despite their past experience.

This is where my help comes. My adoption services are completely free and that includes;

  • a consultation session with you and your family to get to know your needs

  • search to identify the right fit (compatibility)

  • one training session at your home when your pet arrives

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